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Dielectric Resonator Oscillators

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The design philosophy behind RESOTECH's Phase-Locked Dielectric Resonator Oscillators (PLDROs) is to provide its customers with a line of compact, lightweight, and low-cost units which offer state-of-the-art phase noise performance and the lowest power consumption available in the industry. These units operate at frequencies from 4.0 to 14 GHz over the full -54 to +85 C temperature range and offer reverse polarity protection.

These outstanding features are the result of incorporating RESOTECH's superior electrically tuned fundamental frequency DRO together with extremely efficient phase-lock circuitry into a single housing. Internal drop-in Isolator at the DRO output provides low pulling and low power consumption. The resultant high stability obtained by phase-locking a crystal reference to the fundamental microwave oscillator makes these units ideally suited for communication system applications and other high performance uses. Phase noise levels at offsets up to 100 kHz from the carrier are determined by the crystal reference while beyond 100 kHz the phase noise is primarily that of the fundamental DRO itself.

The key to the phase-lock circuitry is RESOTECH's high sensitivity sampling phase detector which lowers power consumption and reduces component count and unit size. Soft substrates, surface mount technology, and hermetically sealed components are used throughout the assembly to facilitate large volume production and insure highly reliable operation. Another benefit of this design approach is that manufacturing procedures are simplified, allowing RESOTECH to offer excellent delivery schedules.

RESOTECH welcomes any custom design request and can provide the necessary expertise, experience, and fast turnaround to meet your special requirements.
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4.0 to 14 GHz Standard Model PLDROs

Guaranteed Specifications over -30 to +70 C.

Operating Frequency
Mechanical Tuning Range
Output Power
Output Power Variation
  Over 0 to 60°C
  Over -30 to +70°C
Load VSWR (Max.)
Phase Noise @ 10 GHz
  (Also see Figure 1)
Reference Input Frequency
Reference Input Power
2nd Harmonic
Frequency Stability
Power Requirements
Package Size (Also see Figures 2,3)
  5.0-7.9 GHz
  8.0-14 GHz
Package Weight
  5.0-7.9 GHz
  8.0-14 GHz



10, 40-130
Same as Ext. Reference

+15±1 or +12±1


Nickel Plated

dBm Min.

dB Max.
dB Max.

@ 100 kHz

mA Typ.


g Typ.
g Typ.
  1. Out of lock alarm is optionally available.
  2. Units with internal crystal oscillator are available.
Contact the factory for any other special features your application requires. RESOTECH can custom design a unit to meet your special needs.


Ordering Information
1. PLDRO-11900-100I11.9 GHz output, 100 MHz reference
2. PLDRO-10672-116I10.672 GHz output, 116 MHz reference
3. PLDRO-5695-67IA5.695 GHz output, 67 MHz reference, Lock Alarm
4. PLDRO-7000-07 GHz output, Internal Crystal Oscillator
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Figure 1. Phase Noise

Figure 1
Offset Frequency From Carrier

Phase noise less than 100 kHz from the carrier is essentially determined by the external crystal reference oscillator according to the equation

External Ref. Noise (dBc/Hz) + 20logN

where N is the output frequency ÷ reference, or the multiplication factor.

Installation Information

Units are set at the factory for proper operation according to the ordered reference frequency. Significant changes in this parameter, such as a different crystal frequency or different multiplication factor, will require adjustment of the DRO tuning element. While monitoring the phase voltage (ØV), carefully adjust the tuning element housing until a steady state DC Voltage is present (a square wave search voltage indicates the unit is out of lock). Finally, slowly turn the piston/rotor of the tuning element until approximately 5.5-6.0 volts appears at the phase voltage (ØV) terminal.
Installation Information
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Package Outline Drawings (inches)

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